Removing Tree Roots from the Lawn

Tree Root Removal

After owning our house for five years, I've tired of looking at tree roots, and the nuisance they present to bare feet between the house and the pool. 

I grabbed my old backup circular saw, raised the blade guard, and dragged the blade perpendicular to the roots. Eye protection / sunglasses recommended. Sawdust and shavings will fly 15 + feet. 

After a few passes, the roots were cut below the grade of the lawn. Each root took 1-2 minutes. They're now out of sight, no longer a nuisance to bare feet, and helps improve the aesthetics of our lawn. 

I've also used this circular saw technique in the past on small to medium sized tree stumps. If taking off more than an inch or two, it helps to rip a few passes first and make a grid pattern. These little cubes flake off faster than grinding alone. 


Rake a little topsoil over the top, and optionally seed when done. 



Don't mind the bare feet. 

This was a quick, fifteen minute improvement to help clean up the lawn.


Use your best judgement here and be conscious of how much you're removing at a time - particularly on smaller trees. That said, for patio prep, I've removed wheelbarrows full of roots from Silver Maples with no ill effects. I've shaved roots below grade (both purposefully as above, and carelessly with the lawn mower) for years. Trees are resilient and self healing. 


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